Winner of international property award


Overlooking the lighthouse and colorful space has been adapted to the personality of the owners .



Vintage Mood


 Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story. (Erin Flett)



Simple and Cozy


Simplicity invaded our elevations to create relaxing modern mood.



Elegant and minimalist 


We re-lifted the reception area and made it warmer and elegant using different material in order to make it warmer in hence the natural light.



Art Deco


 Daring dark colors with the unusual ceiling



Classical neat style


Round corners where present everywhere



Original modern design


Stripes where dominant everywhere, nice geometrical shapes personalized the clients choices



Contemporary apartment


Warm colors, geometric embedded shapes over the walls with starck furniture within the reception area. 


Oriental style restaurant


A fusion oriental restaurant used concrete and rough wood materials along with arabesque patterns, industrial piping and beautiful calligraphy. 



Space over looking the sea


Floating counter, welcoming guests to a large space


Adapted identity within the design


Three stories of  head quarter offices, each floor was designed with respect to its function and functionality



Zen rooms


Natural wall colors where used all over the space embedded TV station to serve both bedroom and sitting area, wood cladding partition to separateprivate and public areas within the same suite room